Duplicate or Replicate? – So what’s the difference

July 17, 2008

Duplicate or Replicate?

If you sell CD’s at your seminars or via your web site, you’ve encountered this question before. Or maybe not. There are two distinct types of processes used to make CD’s: Duplication and Replication.

So what’s the difference?

Duplication is the process of burning content onto blank media. This is the process most people are familiar with. It is fast, convenient and can be cost effective if you are doing a small quantity. There are duplicators that can print directly on the disc, or you can create labels from a software program and apply them to the discs yourself.

For higher-volume needs, CD replication is the most efficient process. CD replication is the molding of CDs from raw materials on fully automated molding lines. The high-speed ability of the machinery combined with the integrated computer QC systems assures CD replication with perfect quality. Major record labels, major software titles, etc. are made through this process. For medium sized orders to the largest volume production, there is no better alternative than CD replication. Printing capabilities are endless. Replicated discs are directly printed using a silkscreen or offset print process. The result – beautiful, high quality CD’s.

How to determine which is the right process for you? Simple math – if you need more than 500 CD’s, replication hands down is the best option. Better quality and more cost effective.

The cd packaging you choose can help promote your project’s success. Knowing the answers to key questions will help develop a packaging scheme that can make your CDs shine. How will you distribute your CDs? Retail, Seminars, Direct Mail or Trade Show handout? Each area requires its own unique style of packaging and graphics. You want the right choice for your situation.

Keynote Media Solutions will work with you on producing the best option for your project. From a simple Jewel Case or 4-color Mailer Sleeve to an elaborate Vinyl Album, Software Chipboard Display Box or our all-new “Multi-Pak” used to economically hold up to 12 CD’s. We also offer a new line of eco-friendly line of green packaging. Your cd packaging choices are endless.

Keynote Media Staff Writer